Jennifer C.

We have two in my family who suffer from autoimmune disorders. I’ve implemented a lot of dietary changes- Low calorie, Low Fat, GF/CF, Low carb, SCD, etc. I’ve studied all sorts of nutritional interventions in the last decade. I must say this is a complete change from the norm. Wahl’s is not a fad diet, rather, she explains how, in easy to read language, how to stop chronic neurological, immunological and pain syndromes by changing what you eat. My life has been transformed after beginning the Wahls protocol. I’m regaining my life.

Leanne T.

I have been doing the Wahls Protocol for about a month – the results are amazing. I went from a lot of aches and pains – low energy – mood swings – brain fog and headaches to no symptoms in just the 2nd week.

Faith H.

Terry Wahls is the leading expert on autoimmune disease and how to turn your life around. Food is medicine. I’ve been treating my severe secondary progressive MS naturally for 4 years now following the Wahls Protocol. I have had no relapses and getting stronger every day. I was nearly in a wheel chair and though I still need a cane for stairs, I am perhaps healthier than I have ever been despite having MS. My fatigue is so greatly improved and I have a ton of energy and symptoms keep slowly but surely easing up and going away.

Samantha D.

Within 3 weeks of starting the Wahls Protocol, all of my symptoms were gone except “some” residual back pain, which is a work in progress. I had full energy like I was 10 years younger than my actual age, my numbness went away, no more tingling or bladder issues, no more skin crawling or tightness in my right hand, no more empty shell of myself being withdrawn from people and barely conversing with my own husband.